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Love your skin ! Love your Feet !

Love the Skin You're in! 

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Loving your Skin has a lot to do with what the heart feels. Your feet, despite their distance from the heart can possibly affect your overall health. The skin on your feet need to stay hydrated and moisturized all the time.

Love your feet and they will love you! 

Why we use and sell Footlogix products.

Great Newsletter with lot's of Information on the function of your skin and why you need to love your feet as the skin you are !


What Does Our Skin Do? What Are the Functions of the Skin?

The skin function is our first line of defense. Our skin has the ability to recognize, identify and destroy foreign substances that may potentially be harmful to the body. When our skin is unhealthy (dry or cracked) it is open and vulnerable to picking up bacteria and fungus. This may lead to infection and potentially to more serious complications.

Footlogix acts as an invisible protective barrier preventing invaders from entering while still allowing the skin to function naturally.

Thousands of pores on the surface of the skin can absorb vitamins, minerals, water and oxygen, providing moisture and nourishment to our skin. Applying occlusive products to our feet, therefore sealing the skin, may impede its ability to perform this function properly.
Footlogix products contain essential oils and botanicals that help enhance the skin's natural function and can improve issues that may have been there for years. 

The skin is the body's largest waste removal system. Toxins are released through the sweat glands and pores.
If the skin and nails on our feet are not healthy, most likely our sweat glands are not performing as they should which may contribute to dry skin. Remember when our skin is dry and rough, it is at risk of picking up something more serious such as bacteria or fungus.

The skin on most of the body secretes oil and sweat, creating the skin's acid mantle to help protect from external invasion. The acid mantle has a pH that ranges from 4.5-5.5. However the anatomy of the skin on the feet is different as it does not have any oil producing sebaceous glands.
Footlogix mousse is pH Balanced and will help to restore the skin's natural pH range. In addition, selected Footlogix mousse products provide moisture where it is needed.

The skin regulates the body's temperature by sweating; when water from sweat on the skin evaporates it gives off heat and cools the body.  

The skin contains millions of nerve endings. This allows us to detect sensation such as heat, cold, pain and pressure. Often, this function is impaired due to lifestyle.
Generally, 15-20 years ago the average adult had a healthier lifestyle. Today, diabetes is on the rise and is the fifth leading cause of death in North America. Many more people are on medications for health issues such as blood pressure, cholesterol etc. Naturally because our feet are the furthest extremity from the heart, they often suffer the impact first. The circulatory system has to work its hardest to pump blood to and from the feet, supplying nutrients and removing waste.   

When any of these 6 functions are impaired, the skin may start to break down, potentially leading to serious consequences, especially with seniors or people with diabetes. 

Your Partner in Success,  
The Footlogix Team 
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